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Thanksgiving Leftovers Reinvented

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If you're still full from that huge Thanksgiving dinner, you are not alone. And you probably have enough leftovers to feed an army. To avoid eating the same meal for the next three days, Saltwater Gill has some creative ways to 're-do' Thanksgiving.

"The possibilities are endless its just about your imagination," says Chef Rob Burgess from Saltwater Grill.

First is the roast turkey pita sandwich with cranberry mayo sauce. Chef Rob says you should add the turkey, red onions, grape tomatoes and cranberry mayo sauce into a hot pan with some oil.

"Give that a quick toss. You wants some nice color on the turkey. Give it a little texture, a little bib lettuce and we're just going to stuff it," says Burgess.

Next item on the menu, a different take on the traditional ham and cheese sandwich, using mac and cheese leftovers with pepper jelly. Chef Rob starts the sandwich on the grill and then finishes it up in the oven.

"I've got a preheated 400 degree oven here. That's really to help that mac and cheese break down and get really nice and gooey for you," says Burgess.  

The last leftover concoction, fried sesame turkey wings. "This is perfect for Saturday. Got a lot of good football games coming. It is a new take on chicken wings. Now, you've got big giant turkey wings."