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Abandoned Building Catches Fire In Panama City & Threatens Building Next Door

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A fire in an abandoned building that threatened others in the area is still under investigation. Friday morning, Panama city firefighters were on scene for over an hour containing the blaze off 6th and McKenzie.

Five engines were called upon to fight the fire so a more defensive approach could be taken.

"It looks like organized confusion," says Battalion Chief Daniel Snapp with the Panama City Fire Department. From above and across the street, controlled chaos left firefighters battling a mid-morning blaze from all angles.

"The primary goal was to keep it from spreading from the fire building to exposures on the south side," says Snapp. To do that, firefighters banked on using a birds eye view. "And the best way to do that is utilize our tower," explains Snapp, "to give us a vantage point from above." But he says it also allows them to put the water where they needed.  

There was only 2 feet lee-way between the fire and the building next door. But that was just one issue firefighters faced.

"Unfortunately the fire hydrant was on the wrong side of the road today," says Snapp, which led Panama City Police to block off 6th street for almost an hour.

"We had to lay a water source from two different directions," says Snapp.

Firefighters were successful in keeping the fire from spreading from the close building. The cause of how it started though is under investigation.