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The Stoic Husbands of Black Friday: “It’s Pretty Painful”

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The dizzying day that is Black Friday. By now, most of the most dedicated midnight deal grabbers are snug their beds, while visions of flat screens dance in their heads.

But in the daylight hours, there was no shortage of shoppers on hand to continue the Black Friday buzz.

Most seem to enjoy themselves on Black Friday, but certainly it's not for everyone. While it's the women who are out getting the awesome deals, it's the men who are looking a little bored.

News 13 tracked down a few of those stoic spouses, sitting patiently in Adirondack chairs outside the stores and proceeded to ask a few questions.

Jerry Tortorigi was up first.


News 13: It's Black Friday and clearly you're out here in the sunshine and not in the stores. Why is that?

Tortorigi: My wife does all that.

News 13: So, she drug you along?

Tortorigi: Yes, with no choice of my own.


While Tortorigi was used to this after 15 years of marriage, but Mark Kleeberger…not so much.

"It's pretty painful. We started last night at 8 o'clock at WalMart and then we went to Target and then I was appalled and shocked and wanted to curl up in the fetal position" said Kleenberger.

Tortorigi was just hoping this trip is tame in comparison.


News 13: What's her largest shopping record so far?

Tortorigi: About 12 hours

News 13: And you've been along for the ride those 12 hours?

Tortorigi: Well, you see me sitting here. I let her do the shopping.


At least his wife, Pat, will admit it.

"No, I drag him...absolutely drag him," she said.

So, for you men in for the long haul, here's some advice from the men on the front lines.

"Bring extra people so you can stay home and not go shopping," said Kleeberger.

"Find the nearest bar...which I'm fixing to," said Tortoigi.

Though, as he said that, his wife summonsed him to the next shopping destination.

Perhaps another time, Jerry.