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Pier Park Christmas Tree Lighting

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The Christmas tree standing on Pier Parks main strip isn't hard to find.

Logan Trusty and his family are visiting a relative all the way from Tennessee. He and his family have enjoyed their entire day shopping at Pier Park.

"Well kinda," said Trusty. "I don't like shopping that much."

"But, doesn't this make it worth it in the end?"

"Yea," said Trusty.

"It's an opportunity for all the community to come together and talk and realize what Christmas is and also to get some shopping done," said Mayor Gayle Oberst.

The Trusty family took time from the busy shopping day much like other families to go to the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony.

Mayor Gayle Oberst did the honors.

"I like the lights," said Trusty. 

The Christmas tree is pretty big and pretty awesome," said Scooter Ward, one of the carolers at the ceremony. "I really feel for the people who had to do all the lights."  

Maintenance workers said there are more than 1100 lights on the large pine and it stands over 20 feet tall.

"They added some additional lights this year and I really like it," said Oberst. "But, it's a beautiful tree and Pier Park goes through a lot of trouble to do good decorating and it makes the difference."

"We have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree at our house so its kind of nice to not have to put all those lights up," said Ward.

Whether or not it compares to yours at home, those watching the giant tree light up said there was no better way to bring in the holiday season.

"You have to have a Florida Christmas," said Oberst. "Walk on the beach and wade into the water and the sand. That's what Christmas in Florida is."

Simon Malls all over the country participated in Fridays event. Mayors in each city with a Simon location do the honors in lighting up the malls Christmas tree for the holidays.