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Two Dead, One in Custody in Springfield Double Homicide

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Update By News 13 Reporter Jason Hackett:

Residents react tonight to a crime that has shaken up a small Springfield trailer park. Police say 50-year-old Bryan Castleman murdered his wife and father in law, likely over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Neighbors News 13 spoke to say Castleman and his family were relatively new on the block -only 3 or 4 months - but this tragedy has made an impact they say will last forever. 

For Ricardo Reynolds, what started as shock late Sunday night grew more emotional when he realized his neighbor and friend Bryan Castleman allegedly did the unthinkable.

"He showed me the bodies, and they was pretty badly murdered," Reynolds said. "I've always seen people dead in a coffin, but not like that."

"I went off...I had to calm down...had to go to the front room and calm down."

The bodies of 47-year-old Mary Ann Castleman and her father 74-year-old Leroy Minnich were found Monday inside a trailer home on 700 Transmitter Road, Lot 7.

"At this point it appears to be blunt force trauma to both victims," said Chief Phillip Thorne with the Springfield Police Department.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office and Springfield Police were called out at around noon Monday to the scene, although investigators say the bodies may have been there for days.

"We know that they were at least seen alive last Wednesday, but we're still trying to run that down," chief Chief Thorne said.

As for the alleged murderer, Castleman has a rap sheet that includes felony battery and false imprisonment charges. But neighbors say they saw few warning signs. They say this crime seems to be uncharacteristic not just for him, but also for the whole neighborhood.

"Yeah you have your nosy neighbors, your drama queens, drama kings...but murdering your family?" neighbor Dorothy Hill asked. "What makes you flip, what makes you snap?"

Meanwhile, Reynolds has the same questions. He says although he wanted to give Castleman a chance to confess to investigators, when he realized that wouldn't happen Reynolds decided to notify police himself.

"I hate to see this...he was a close friend of mine and I just hope the best for him," Reynolds said.

Police don't yet have a motive, but neighbors News 13 spoke to off camera said the couple had been experiencing marital troubles. Castleman was arrested at the mobile home Monday afternoon with little resistance and booked into the Bay County Jail on two counts of murder.


UPDATE 5:05 p.m. -- Springfield Police Chief Phillip Thorne said that suspect they have in custody for a double homicide off Transmitter Road is Bryan Keith Castleman.

Castleman has prior arrests in Bay County. He was charged with aggravated battery and false imprisonment in 2004, adjudicated guilty and sentenced to probation and court cost, according to court records.


The Springfield Police Department and the Bay County Sheriff's Office are investigating a double homicide on Transmitter Road. One person is in custody at this time.

According to the Springfield PD, a male and female were found dead today at 700 Transmitter Road, Lot 7 in Springfield. The location is a mobile home park, primarily with rental units.

Springfield Police Chief Phillip Thorne said that the relationship between the male and female victim is unknown, as is the relationship between the victims and the man in custody. The age of the male is unknown, but the female is believed to be in her late 30's. According to Thorne, both victims have been dead for a few days.

Springfield Police are investigating the crime and the Bay County Sheriff's Office is assisting with its crime scene unit. A search warrant has been obtained and investigators are waiting to continue to search the residence.

News 13 has a reporter on the scene and will have more information tonight at Live at Five and News 13 at Six.