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CPSC Safety Tips and Product Recalls

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News 13 Problem Solver brings you some of the latest safety information and product recalls from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

First are single-load laundry packets.  These are very popular…in fact we use them at my house.  But, if fallen into young hands...the CPSC says the chemicals in the packets can be dangerous.  Some of the chemicals are toxic.  If you use them, lock up the laundry packets and keep them away from children.  The CPSC has learned of about 500 incidents involving children who accidentally ingested the packets and that required a trip to the hospital.

CPSC recommends three safety steps to prevent unintentional poisonings and eye injuries related to single-load laundry packets:

1. Do not let children handle laundry packets.

2. Keep the liquid laundry packets sealed in their original packaging

and make sure they are locked up and out of a child's sight and


3. If swallowed or exposed to the eye, immediately call poison help at


Next on the list.. Peapod travel tents by Kidco.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission along with the manufacturer is recalling 220,000 Peapod and Peapod Plus Travel Beds.  Infants and young children can roll of the edge of the air mattress…become entrapped between the mattress and the fabric sides of the tent, and suffocate.

The CPSC is aware of the death of a 5-month old boy last December…who was found with his face against the side wall of the tent.  Cause of death not determined.  In addition, there are six reports of children who became entrapped in the product.

Consumers should immediately stop using the tents and contact Kidco to get a free repair kit.  Contact Kidco toll-free at (855) 847-8600 between 8:30 a.m. And 5:00 p.m. Ct Monday through Friday or visit the firm's website at www.kidco.com to receive the kit.

Dorel Juvenile Group recalls Eddie Bauer Rocking Wood Bassinets due to infant suffocation hazard.  The bottom locking mechanism can fail to lock properly if a spring is not installed.  Dorel has received 17 reports of incidents with the recalled bassinets involving infants primarily younger than three months old.

Sold at: Target, Toys R Us and Sears stores nationwide.  Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled bassinets and contact dorel to obtain a free repair kit.

These bassinets have a dial at the base of the footboard that locks and unlocks the rocking motion of the bassinet. Recalled bassinets have the following model numbers: 10632, 10639, 10832, 10835, 10839 and bt021. The model number is located under the mattress, on the top surface of the mattress support board or on the wash and care label.  Consumer contact: Dorel; toll-free at (877) 416-0165, 8 a.m. To 5 p.m. Et Monday through Friday, or www.djgusa.com and click on safety notices for more information.

LG Electronics recalls electric ranges due to burn and fire hazards.  The company has received 80 reports of incidents involving burners failing to turn off or the temperature setting increasing unexpectedly during use. No fires or injuries have been reported.  There were sold at Best Buy, Home Depot, Sears, and regional appliance retailers.

Contact LG to schedule a free in-home repair: toll-free at (855) 400-4638, from 8 a.m. To 7 p.m. Ct Monday through Friday, and from 8 a.m. To 2 p.m. Saturday, or www.lg.com/us and click on public notices in the customer services section for more information.

Description: the recalled ranges involve models lre30451, lre30453, lre30755, lre30757, and lre30955st. They were sold in black, white and stainless steel and with a smooth black ceramic glass top cooking surface. The recalled ranges have serial numbers starting with 512, 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606, 607, 608, 609, 610, 611, 612, 701, 702, 703, 704, 705, 706, 707, 708, 709, 710, 711, 712, 801, 802, 803, 804, 805, 806, 807, 808, 809, 810, 901, 902, 903, 904, 905, and 906. The model and serial numbers can be found on a label that can be seen by opening the storage drawer at the base of the unit. The electric ranges are about 47 1/2 inches tall to the top of the backguard, 29 inches wide and 28 inches deep.