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Doctors Expects a Busy Flu Season

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It's only a month into Flu Season, and doctors are already seeing a high number of patients testing positive for the virus. The health care industry began offering flu vaccines back in October.

Only a month into the season, Dr. Hatem Mourad at Coastal Urgent Care has already seen 15 cases of the virus. The symptoms can include high fever, usually around 102, body aches, nausea and vomiting.

"We would call that a relatively high number in the first month considering we only started offering the vaccine in October, so we expect it to be busy," says Mourad.

There are ways to protect yourself from the virus.

"You wash your hands frequently. You stay away from someone who is ill, or seems ill, or thinks they have the flu. The other is if you have the flu, stay away from other people so you don't give it to them. Of course, getting the flu vaccine has proven in my opinion to be helpful," says Mourad.

Dr. Mourad said that of the patients who did test positive for the flu, none of them had gotten their flu shot.