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District Employee Receive Wellness Assessments

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After the first of the year, Bay District Schools expects to open it's new Bay Educators' Wellness Center, and this week, District employees are received their initial health assessments.

These assessments, conducted by Healthstat staff, are meant to establish a medical history in preparation for the opening of the new clinic. It included a health and wellness questionnaire, blood pressure, blood tests and more.

"The employees, their spouses, and their children who are on our health plan will have immediate access for issues like a head cold or a sinus infection, or I'm having trouble with my diabetes," says Superintendent Bill Husfelt. "They can make an appointment and go right in and not have to wait."

With a clinic in a centralized location at the Robert Young Center off of 15th street, Husfelt says it will provide benefits to not only District employees, but the taxpayers as well.

"The multitude of benefits include our employees will be healthier. They'll miss less time from work which means the kids will benefit, and then also the tax payers will benefit because it's going to drive down our health costs. We spend 16 million dollars a year on health insurance," says Husfelt.

The District expects to save more than a million dollars a year once the clinic pays for itself.