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Jackson County Store Celebrates Million Dollar Powerball Winner

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If you can't have a winning lottery ticket, perhaps the next best thing is being the store that sells one.

Yet, try selling a million dollar ticket.

It happened for a Jackson county store for this week's Powerball drawing of more than half a billion dollars.

Employees of McCoy's Food Mart were excited, not only because they feel McCoy's Food Mart is a lucky store, but the big winner is a regular customer.

There's a usual afternoon buzz at McCoy's on Jefferson Street. It's even louder during the holidays.

Friday, it might as well have been a bee hive, swarming around the topic of the million dollar ticket sold at this family owned shop, with owner Suzette McCoy as the queen bee.

"I've had several calls saying "I heard you sold the winning ticket." It was even on Facebook," said McCoy.

Even employee, Robin Hagan, couldn't escape those curious questions about the winning strategy.

"You know, did they pick their own numbers, was it a quick pick," said Hagan of the customers.

More like a last minute pick said McCoy.

"It was probably about 6 or 6:30 when she came in that evening," said McCoy.

"She" is Diane Jackson; a local nurse who matched 5 out of the 6 numbers.

Jackson kept quiet Friday; most likely processing the big win, but those at McCoy's said it couldn't have happened to a better customer.

"I liked it better because it wasn't somebody who just come in a bought a ticket and was traveling from another state or something like that from down south," said Hagan.

"It's nice that your regular customers that they actually win, it's someone you really know and I think it's going to boost sales of our lottery tickets," said McCoy.

In fact, 15oo hundred Powerball Tickets went like hotcakes for the big drawing in just one day at McCoy's, and tickets of all kinds continued to sell Friday.

"Everybody wants to come buy their ticket's here. Yes, I think we're lucky," said McCoy.

McCoy's Food Mart will also earn a thousand dollar bonus for being a winning store.