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Woman Life Flighted After Washington County Stand-Off

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Washington County, Fla. -

Update By Jason Hackett, News 13 Reporter

A Washington county woman is in critical condition tonight after a standoff that ended in gun shots . Deputies say after trying to negotiate with the woman this afternoon, they were forced to fire back, ending the two hour plus deadlock.

Authorities say this wasn't the first time they've been called out to 5463 North Blue Springs Road, however Tuesday afternoon's call proved to be the most serious.

It started when a Washington County deputy was called to the home of 62-year-old Mary Ethel Loflin through the National Crisis Hotline.

"When the officer arrived and drove up in her front yard, she met him out in the front yard with a rifle," said Washington County Sheriff Bobby Haddock.

Sheriff Haddock says Loflin proceeded to shoot two shots at the officer, missing both times. The officer called for backup.

The Bay County swat team arrived along with deputies from Bay and Washington County and EMS. Hoping to avoid the worst, both Sheriff Haddock and Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen spent almost an hour and a half trying to calm Loflin down by phone.

"She was very extremely adamant that if anyone approached her she would shoot them or anybody came up to her she would shoot them," Sheriff Haddock said.

"A number of times she reminded me that 'I can see you and I will shoot you'," Sheriff McKeithen said.

As the situation grew more tense, SWAT took action. A non lethal rubber bullet was shot at Loflin.

"Struck her, bent her over, and thought that we ended this," Sheriff Haddock said. "But she came back up with a rifle in hand and pointed it at the SWAT team."

That's when they were forced to react, shooting Loflin.

"I believe that our guys did what they thought were right in this deadly force situation," McKeithen said.

Almost immediately EMS went into action, taking Loflin from the house to a helicopter where she was taken via 'Air Heart' to Bay Medical Center. Both sheriffs, working in tandem Tuesday, say it's a choice they hate to make, but one that was almost inevitable.

"The officer has to protect himself," Sheriff Haddock said.

"That was her choice, she made this choice."

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is performing their investigation on the scene. Meanwhile, Loflin underwent surgery Tuesday Evening, and is currently in Bay Medical in critical condition.


The Washington County Sheriff's Office is now releasing details on the stand-off that ended with a woman being life flighted.

Sheriff Bobby Haddock says a deputy responded after the woman called a national crisis hotline. When the deputy arrived, they say she shot at him.

It happened on Blue Springs Road near the Washington and Bay County line around 1:00 p.m. Tuesday. Blue Springs Road was blocked off during the incident and portions of it remain closed.

After the woman fired at the deputy law enforcement from Bay and Washington Counties responded.

Sheriff Haddock spoke on the phone to the woman for 30 minutes. Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen also talked to her for nearly an hour.

Despite their efforts Haddock says the woman pointed a rifle at the SWAT team. They attempted to use non-lethal force but when that did not phase her they resorted to lethal force.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will investigate the officer involved shooting.

The name of the woman and the names of the officers involved are not being released at this time.