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Mexico Beach Narrows Search For Police Chief

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City council members in Mexico Beach discuss a few issues in preparation for next Tuesday's regular meeting.

One matter on the agenda was a discussion regarding the hiring of the new Police Chief. City Administrator Chris Hubbard presented council members with 6 recommendations for the position, which he narrowed down from 65 applicants.

Of those six recommendations is Captain Glenn Norris, present at tonight's meeting. He also seemed to have the approval of the citizens sitting in on the meeting. They clapped after one gentlemen spoke at the podium and suggested the council look no further and hire Norris.

The council will vote next Tuesday on how to proceed further with the hiring of a new chief. "The decision could be the city administrator," says Mayor Al Cathey, "It could be that maybe some panel of people could do an interview process." He says under the current ordinance though the city administrator is responsible for all personnel.

Also to be voted on next Tuesday...whether to begin negotiations with a formal lease agreement for the vacant church property off 15th, which will be used to house the Police Department, the ESU unit, and even City Hall. It was revealed tonight that property is not within city limits, but the mayor says that shouldn't be a problem and they do not plan to request the property be annexed.

In addition Wednesday night, council members excluding Mayor Al Cathey took a look at 4 options showing the placement of the new City Hall building off Highway 98. They came to a consensus on one of those options but suggested a few changes to the architect. They will suggest moving the building farther from Highway 98 and adding parking in front of the building.