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What's Going Around - December 5th

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Bay County, Fla. -

Dr. Hatem Mourad from Coastal Urgent Care and Family Medicine says Bronchitis is going around this week.

Dr. Mourad says the viruses that cause the cold or flu can infect the tubes that carry air into the lungs and irritate them. That's when Bronchitis develops.

Dr. Mourad says symptoms include the following:

  • Nagging cough
  • Coughing up mucus that's clear, yellow or green

He says you should contact your doctor or nurse if you have:

  • A fever higher than 100.4
  • A cough that lasts longer than 10 days
  • Chest pain when you cough
  • Trouble breathing
  • Coughing up blood
  • A barking cough that makes it difficult to talk
  • A cough and weight loss that you can't explain

To keep from spreading the germs that cause Bronchitis, Dr. Mourad recommends:

  • Washing your hands often
  • Covering your mouth with your elbow when you sneeze or cough
  • Throwing away tissues and washing your hands as soon as you use those tissues