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30-A Speed Limit Changes Annoying to Drivers

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Recent speed limit changes along portions of 30-A in Walton County are meant to increase safety for bicyclists and pedestrians, but it's also increasing annoyance for some motorists who call the 10 mile per hour drop, "ridiculous."

Whether you're coming by 4 wheels or two, e stretch of 30-A is undoubtedly scenic or its travelers.

The recent drop in speed limit from Grayton to Watercolor is giving passing motorists a little more time to take in the landscape than they really want.

"I say it's a five minute drive from Grayton to Seaside and a 7 minute walk. That's the way it is now," said irritated motorist, Jeremiah Campbell.

It's dropped from 35 to 25 miles per hour. It's a measure put in place by the county commission

"So what they wanted to do for safety purposes is to diminish the speed limit on that section only to 25, so that it would further provide safety for bicyclists and pedestrians," said Commissioner, Cindy Meadows.

She said especially when the bike path butts next to the road on the western lake bridge.

For Campbell, it's a move better served in the bustling seaside community.

"It's rather senseless to put it where there's absolutely no human traffic crossing this lane, instead of in the middle of Seaside where all of the people walk everyday," said Campbell.

But what about the bike riders?

With the change in speed, new signage and striping on the bridge path, does it make a difference to their feeling of safety?

Avid bike rider, Rex Scates, said not really.

"It doesn't bother me a bit. The cars don't bother me as long as there is a space between us," said Scates.

So, why the push?

According to Meadows, her plan is for a bike path bridge that would run over the lake, parallel to the bridge.

"We can get that built and then the speed limit can probably be resumed back to 35 miles per hour in that section," said Meadows.

But, until that is approved, drivers will have to reduce their rate speed and quite possibly their heart rate.