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Goodwill Providing Service Industry Training

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 While seasonal restaurants have closed their doors until mid January or early February when the crowds starting pouring back in this class is providing an opportunity to learn the craft or brushing up one their skills to get back into the industry.

Like many other restaurants Boatyard is only open for special holiday hours in December.

The venue has been host to the week long course where students learn everything from carrying trays to safety to how to speak to customers.

Goodwill spent weeks interviewing employers to see just what kind of criteria to teach in the course so they could really prepare applicants to go out into the workforce.

"What we are hoping that every student who participates in this course is going to get out of it is, not only the confidence to go out into the community and find the perfect jobs for themselves to be able to support themselves and their families, but also for employers to get the type of applicants that they can be excited about to help their businesses to get employees that they can retain," said Kimberly Aughtment.

The training is being offered today through Friday at Boatyard restaurant on Thomas Drive. For information on this classes and future classes you can call 522-3900.

Goodwill reps also told News13 that they hope to have these same classes again in January and will also be hosting a lodging hospitality class.