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Husfelt Discusses Idea of Closing Bozeman Elementary

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After more than ten years, elementary students at Dean Bozeman could be looking at going to a new school next year. Monday, Superintendent Bill Husfelt met with the elementary teachers and faculty to discuss the possibility.

"We have three schools in close proximity to each other, and none of them are at near full capacity,' says Husfelt. "One of them is very low capacity. That's Deerpoint Elementary; it's at low capacity, 47%, and has lots of space. How can we be the most efficient with that school."

With Deerpoint at 47 percent capacity and Southport Elementary at 70 percent capacity, the District is working to make those two school more fiscally efficient.

One of the ideas Superintendent Bill Husfelt is bringing to the school board is possibly closing down the Dean Bozeman elementary portion and sending those 317 students to either Southport Elementary or Deerpoint.

Josh Balkom, principal of Bozeman, says the discussion was very emotional for the teachers present. "There were tears. Obviously disappointed but there's still hope that the board will make a different decision, but there's a lot of quality in that room," says Balkom.

Husfelt says there will be jobs available for the Bozeman teachers at other schools