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Parents and Teachers React to Possible Elementary School Closure

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There is a feeling of uncertainty for many Dean Bozeman Elementary School teachers and faculty members after an unexpected meeting Monday with the Superintendent of Bay District Schools.

"We've been told we can be transferred to Southport or Deerpoint, but that depends for my position," says Pam Rudd an elementary school guidance counselor at Dean Bozeman. "Is there going to be a counseling position open at either one of those schools? Also, the teachers, will they be able to stay in the same grade level?"

Monday Superintendent Bill Husfelt met with the Dean Bozeman Elementary teachers and faculty about possibly shutting down that portion of the school and sending those 317 elementary students to either Southport Elementary or Deerpoint Elementary to save money.

"We have three schools in close proximity to each other and none of them are at near full capacity," said Superintendent Bill Husfelt after Monday's meeting at the school. "One of them is very low capacity. That's Deerpoint Elementary; they are at 47% capacity and have lots of space. How can we be the most efficient with that school."

While this rezoning possibility would save the district money, it has been a very emotional conversation for Bozeman faculty and parents.

"We've grown to be a family. Our children, we watched them from pre-k all the way through high school, so its not that we let them go in 5th grade, they're here until they graduate," says Rudd.

Parents also expressed their concern at Tuesday's School Board Meeting. "In the high school, for example, at home coming, they pair up a high school football player and cheerleader, and they bring them to the elementary school. They bring them to different elementary classes. They make the whole school part of the homecoming process. Not just the high schoolers," said the Bozeman Parent.

Husfelt says there will be jobs for the elementary teachers and faculty at the other schools.