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Concealed Weapon Permits To Hit 1 Million in Florida

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Florida is leading the nation in the number of concealed weapons permits issued. A number that could easily hit one million next week.

"I've always had guns, but I didn't carry and conceal them," says Ronnie Groom. He sells firearms and sporting goods for a living, but it wasn't until about a year ago that he got his concealed weapons license.

"Because of all the's rampid now," says Groom.

Groom is just one of almost 10,000 holders throughout Bay county.

Jackson county has close to 3 thousand holders Walton has almost 2,500. The entire state of Florida has 993, 162 as of the end of November.

By next week, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam says that figure is expected to reach 1 million.

"It doesn't surprise me a bit," says Scott Hulett, an NRA certified firearm instructor, who owns Florida Tactical Firearm Instruction in Bay county.

He says in the last year, he's seen enrollment increase dramatically and says more than ever women are making up a lot of those classes.

"Especially younger women," says Hulett. "Fathers are wanting their daughters who are going to college to have their permit, fathers who work late at night and stay at home mothers."

Hullett says a concealed weapons permit takes anywhere between 2 weeks to 4 months to obtain. For Groom it was an issue of safety, but others News 13 talked to says it's a matter of wait time. Permit holders are able to take a newly purchased gun home with them the same day, rather than waiting 3 days.