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Congress Still in Stalemate Over Fiscal Cliff; Locals React

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The ticking of the clock is adding pressure on our Nation's lawmakers to reach compromise on the looming "fiscal cliff."

While the House of Representatives worked towards a vote for compromise on Thursday, here at home, area Democrats were urging action through a petition.

The House was set to vote on Speaker Boehner's  "Plan B", a  tax increase on families with income over one million dollars; yet, in the eleventh hour, the measure was pulled due to lack of GOP support.

As the deadline inches closer, Congressmen aren't any closer to a compromise on tax increases that would automatically set in come 2013.

"We have great concerns that this doesn't really go far enough to solve the problems that we face," said Representative Steve Southerland in an interview with CNN.

Southerland was critical of the plan; standing behind what he says is a "spending problem" in Washington.

"America needs to understand we have significant problems that we face, a mountain of unfunded mandates, closing in on a hundred trillion dollars and this does nothing to prevent us from continuing to move towards a crash course," he said.

In an interview with News 13, Southerland said it was up to the American people to demand compromise.

"That's what our efforts are all about," said Walton County Democrat, Frank Day.

Day is part of a national "fiscal cliff" task force, returning recently from DC.

"We came away with assignments to bring a message to the people, basically, to our friends and neighbors that we've got to work together to fix America," said Day.

His message to Southerland is let the Bush Tax Cuts expire. It's all there in a petition with nearly 800 hundred signatures from across the Nation.

Thursday, he and Bay County Democrats presented it to Southerland's office.

"Our congressman has shown a willingness to stand a hard line and not allow any revenue increases, when even his leader, Speaker Boehner, is pushing for some compromise," said Day.

The petition hosted through has gained popularity and is now being presented in all congressional districts nation wide.

Yet, as the stalemate seemingly continues in Washington, day wondered if the message will be heard.

"I just don't understand it, on a personal level, on a political level, yeah its gamesmanship," said Day of the stalemate.

The House did pass a Republican plan dealing with spending cuts; specifically protecting Defense programs. Some feel it has little chance of surviving a Democratic controlled Senate.