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Customers Get Help for Tech Gifts

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The newest and latest digital devices are some of the most popular Christmas presents, but they can bring challenges for those not sure how to use them.

Mckenzie Carter got a brand new laptop for Christmas. "I want to use my laptop for nursing school, and I start nursing school in January. That's a really big Christmas present for me," says Carter.

The day after Christmas, however, Carter's new black ASUS had a black screen.

"Well, I kind of locked myself out of it. I was setting it up, and I set up my password wrong. And I cant figure it out," says Carter at the Geek Squad counter at Best Buy.  

Carter isn't the only one having a little trouble with her high tech Christmas present. According to Best Buy's Geek Squad, tech support is in a different 'HD' this time of year; it's in 'High Demand'.

"Most people have an idea of what they're looking for in a product, but there's also a couple of little trouble shooting issues they have when ever they open it brand new out of the box," says Katherine Wanik, a member of the Geek Squad.

Wednesday, it seems one of the biggest difficulties people seek Geek help for is the new Windows 8.

"The windows 8 layout is very simple to use, but it does require some getting used to. We're happy to come in and take the customers in the story through a little demonstrations," says Wanik.

Of course you have your Nooks, your Kindles and I-Pads.

"We sold a lot of Apple products. Even though the I-Pad has been out for a couple of years there are still a lot of people that have never used them before," says Wanik.