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Shoppers And The Day After Christmas

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For many, Christmas isn't over just yet. Instead of Santa delivering the gifts, many are treating themselves with giftcards and Christmas cash.

But not all were just spending the money they just got, some were making returns while others were on the hunt for the after Christmas sales.

Amber Ezell has her hands full today. "Mom and dad are at work, so Aunt Amber got stuck with doing all the returns.

"I'm taking back like two shirts and four pants because they didn't really fit when I tried them on at my house"

So Aunt Amber and the crew have been spending lots of time in the dressing room, but not necessarily in line.

"It's not too bad as I was expecting. I thought it was going to be bad looking at the parking lot but we haven't had to wait in line."

Over at Target in Panama City Beach April Matlock is returning gifts ... and spending money.

"We are returning, I'm returning, and I think he's trying to get that Christmas money to spend."

April Matlock brought back Christmas ornaments and a children's dress that just didn't work out.

"So what was wrong with the dress? It didn't really fit her, it itched. It itched. She's eight what can I tell ya?"

But for Evan Fouque, today was all about desperately spending his Christmas money with his dad.

"I only have a few dollars left. It goes quick."

It was also about trying to catch any after Christmas clearance sales. "I want Christmas cards for half off," said Jenny Roberson.

While these ladies' husbands played golf, they were on the hunt for next year's holiday card.

According to ABC News, in a report from Mastercard advisors spending pulse, sales of the most popular Christmas items did rise this holiday shopping season, which is from end of October to Christmas Eve.

However the report goes on to say year to year sales are on par with those in 2008 when retailers took a big hit during the recession.