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Jackson County Woman Puts Together A Book For Sandy Hook

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One Jackson county woman's idea becomes a project that's reaching far beyond home. It is an effort to help the Newtown, Connecticut community process the grief from the recent school shooting.

Marianna resident Tamarah Rasmussen had planned to send a book full of sentiments to Newtown this week, but after an overwhelming response of people who wanted to contribute to it, she's decided to wait.

Though many of the pages are blank in the sketchbook she has, they won't be for long.

Rasmussen has been receiving at least one facebook message a day filled with sentiments from people all over, which she will be printing out and pasting into the sketchbook.

It all started as a way to help her 11 year old daughter and her friend process their own grief from the shooting massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.

"She spent just two hours crying because they weren't going to see Christmas," says Rasmussen. "So I wanted to do something that she could just process, so it wasn't weighing on her."

On the first page of the sketch book, her 11 year old daughter writes, "I'm sorry for your loss, I'll be praying."

While only one full page has writing on it, by the time Rasmussen fills it with the facebook messages and hand prints from Jackson county elementary children, it's going to fill up quickly.

"Hopefully we can fill it all in one book," says Rasmussen, who knows Newtown families will never be able to rewrite this chapter in their lives. She just hopes this book can give them a little bit of solace in this time of grief.

"Hopefully if they know that down here in a small town in Florida that we are thinking about them," says Rasmussen. "That we understand that the faces are different there the names are different there, it's the same type of community and it could easily be us."

Anyone who wishes to sign the book personally can stop by the Chamber of Commerce in Marianna. You can also send your sentiment via Internet by posting or sending a message on this Facebook page Ramussen made. 

She plans to send the book off the second week of January.