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South Walton’s Seaside Earns “World’s Best Family Beach” Honor

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Thousands flock to Panhandle beaches each year, but one is getting some extra attention, lately.

Seaside beach in South Walton has been named the "Worlds Best Family Beach" by Travel and Leisure magazine

A simple look around and you'll see families of all shapes and sizes who are there to relax and enjoy vacation. Now, this new honor is just what Seaside is hoping for to keep them coming in.

In the 1998 film, "The Truman Show", Seaside was the backdrop of idealism as a made for TV town, too perfect to be true.

But out of the glow of the silver screen, Seaside is indeed a real place; one the Beckons thousands each year.

Whether your grabbing a hot dog at one of Seaside's famous airstream food trucks, visiting an art gallery or crashing on the white sandy beaches, it's true that there's something for everybody here in seaside and you only have to ask a visitor to learn their favorite.

"Everybody's friendly and we've enjoyed it every time we've been here," said visitor Ray Harris.

Harris and kids, Caroline and John Phillip threw around a ball, Friday, on the vast grounds of the Seaside Amphitheater. For Ray, Seaside was the easy choice for family vacation.

"It's great, laid back and there's no pressure. Yeah, it's a great place for families for sure," he said.

He's not alone. In fact, Seaside is now the 2013 "World's Best Beach for Families," according to Travel and Leisure magazine.

"We're just really, really thrilled to be receiving this designation at this time," said Seaside Public Relations Director, Lori Smith.

Smith said the charm of new urbanism, paired with the comforting throw backs to simpler times makes Seaside an easy choice for families.

"We've had people in just about every state voting for Seaside because they love coming here year after year and they were really on board," she added.

If that wasn't enough, Seaside has made yet another superlative list; joining Pensacola and South Beach on USA Today's "Top Ten Florida Beaches" list.

They need your help to vote, but if you need some convincing, just ask a visitor.

"I love the neighborhood a lot, ‘cause there's a beach really close," said 10 year old, Caroline Harris.

Frankly, that's good enough for us!