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Losing Weight Is Number 1 New Year Resolution

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In a couple of days, many people will watch the ball drop to kick-start the new year. A lot of those will also hope to drop a few pounds. Losing weight is the number one new years resolution for 2013.

Gold's Gym in Panama City Beach is already receiving more phone calls about memberships but the general manager says as soon as the new year starts, people will start flooding in and joining.

"After New Years is when people really start to flood in," says Eric Salemi who is the general Manager at Gold's Gym in Panama City Beach.

Salemi says January and February are their busiest months.

For those who may have losing weight as a New Year resolution, trainers have some tips to make sure your resolution works out.

"The main key is making it work into your lifestyle [and] setting realistic goals," says Salemi.

He says you don't have to jump right into it 5 times a week."That's not realistic, says Salemi. "You have to set a good goal, come a few times a week, and then stick with it longer."

Salemi also says the buddy system is a good way to keep motivated. "A real helpful tool is to maybe find a partner to join you and help you and really find you accountable," says Salemi.

Head Trainer Shaun Geiser says, "If you have time to wake up 30 minutes earlier, then you have time to come to the gym."

Beginning in January, Gold's Gym in Panama City Beach has a special offer for new members.

"We are offering free twice a week, free group functional training," says Salemi. "To show them a little different variety than just the weights and just the cardio."

Regardless of how you plan to work out at the gym this New Year, Geiser says you'll appreciate leaving the excuses at home.

"A week into it, you're gonna look back and say wish I would've done that a week ago.," says Geiser.

New members can sign up for a rate of 10 dollars a month. It also comes with a free training session as well.