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Callaway Fire Department Flaunts Growing Mustache Trend

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The stache is back! And "C" shift at the Callaway Fire Department is wearing the trend proudly. Dubbing themselves the "Stache and Dash Crew."

"I guess it's a comradery thing," said Lieutenant Chris Sauls. "We all have our little shift sticker on our helmet and it's just a fun thing we do together."

The team thought it only fitting that their whiskers stand as their symbol after the four man crew was put on the same shift in October.

Although mustaches have made a comeback, folklore puts the stache and beard in the fire house centuries ago before air packs and face masks.

"They grew their mustaches and beards at that time they would wet them before a fire and that would filter some of the smoke as they went into the fires so," said Sauls.  

And so the "C" shift continues the fire house tradition in all shapes and sizes.

The chevron, the horseshoe, and fumanchu.

"I think it identifies us," said Sauls. "I mean no one else at the station has them. We are the only shift where everyone on the shift has mustaches.

"So I think it kind of gives us our own identity, I mean everyone knows us as "C" shift."

So find your own style and flaunt it if you got it.

But whenever you need the services of the Callaway Fire Department stache and dash know where to find them.