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New Year's Twins Born at Bay Medical Center

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"Next thing you know she goes 'and there's baby B,'"  remembers mother Megan Taylor.

Her and her husband, James Taylor had a long road to that point. After months spent struggling to get pregnant, the couple was blessed with twins new years day.

"Labor started around 11 o'clock and labor ended at 3 o'clock on the 1st."

After 14 hours of labor and no sleep for Taylor, she says Camdon and Aralyn were actually due December 31st. And after their birth it became that much clearer the conception of two children wasn't merely an act of coincidence.

"When she came out we found out that she had two knots in her cord," said Taylor.

What doctors didn't see in an ultrasound was a life threatening situation for Aralyn.... Taken care of by her twin brother... Who even in the womb was looking after his younger sister.

"They say with the twins that they didn't have enough room to flip around and move around," said Taylor. "They think the cord stayed pretty loose, the knot stayed pretty loose, so it never actually tie off and cut her blood supply off."

So sharing more than a birthday the two twins will share a bond most spend a lifetime building.

"I would have done that for my sister," said the babies Aunt, Sigrid Wadsen who says she couldn't have imagined being anywhere else New Years Eve.

"I couldn't imagine having two more amazing things," said Wadsen. "They are awesome already."

"With the trouble we had in the past and then having the one miscarriage and then getting two babies and then getting a boy and a girl and then finding out that they saved each other... it's a good feeling," said Taylor.