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For Sale? Officials Address Rescue Mission's Future

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Panama City, Fla. -

After a series up ups and downs over the past few years, could the Panama City Rescue Mission be up for sale? Officials with the Rescue Mission say it's a possibility, but only if fate - and faith - align.

"Our goal is not to move the rescue mission, it's to minister," says Rev. Henry Hazard, chairman of the Rescue Mission's Board of Directors.

Hazard says a move isn't in the very near future for the organization. However, it's not completely out of the question.

"We are not opposed to moving to a better location," Hazard said. "We're not opposed to something that will help increase our ministry."

In a letter posted on the rescue mission's web site, Mission director Billy Fox says "the sale of the valuable downtown property would serve as the major funding resource for the move." (

"We're not married to the property...we're married to the ministry," Hazard said.

Hazard says it's up to a higher power.

"If the Lord offers up opportunities for us to do his work in a better way, different location that's close enough to downtown that would be fine."

The end of 2012 was an interesting one for the mission. In that time, the mission said no to their proposed involvement in the city's Community Resource Center. Then Reverend Fox announced they were scaling back operations to cut down on chronic vagrants at the mission.

Now Hazard is saying that fundraising for the mission took a hit in 2012.

"The donations were down because of bad publicity," Hazard said. "People were, in my opinion, questioning what's going to happen."

As they work on damage control, Hazard says the mission will continue no matter where they are located.

The property appraisers office vales the mission and it's surrounding properties at more that $200,000. Hazard declined to say how much they would want, but he says it would have to be enough that they can immediately re-establish operations after they move.