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Bay High's Mark Gabreski- Scholar Athlete of the Week

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Wrestling is a sport of dedication, and for Bay High Senior Mark Gabreski, dedication runs through the family bloodlines and not just on the mats. For Mark, there is no rest when it comes to being an athlete, as he swims, wrestles, and weight lifts for the Tornadoes, but he wouldn't want it any other way.

"I'm usually somewhat free on the weekends, aside from meets, but I like keeping busy," he says.

It's his undying work ethic that's granted him the admiration of his teammates and coaches... but not just on the mats, as Mark balances a 3.65 GPA in Bay High's AICE program.

"When he's in the middle of a match, you can see he's one step ahead of where he's at because he's always thinking ahead of where he's going to be in that match," says wrestling assistant coach Vern Barth. "He's already got something planned. If this doesn't work, he's got plan b. You can see the academics and the smarts, transfers over to the mat."

"It takes a lot of endurance," says Mark of being able to succeed with all he does. "I like to think that I have a lot of mental and physical endurance, and that's what allows me to do well on the mat and in the classroom."

That endurance has Mark striving for more- to fulfill a lifelong dream of entering a Service Academy, something that runs deep in his blood.

"My entire family has been in the military, my dad, my mom, my Grandfather was in World War II," he says. "It requires mental work, academic work physical work, and a lot of dedication. Wrestling has prepared me perfectly for it."

"He's a hard worker, disciplined, gives you everything he's got all the time and is a leader obviously as he helps run practice," says Coach Barth. "Anything you need him to do he does."

Anything, even if he's only free on the weekends. Mark says he has to wait until April to find out the results of his applications to service academies, and that he plans to continue wrestling at the next level.