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Callaway to Read Billing Resolution; Prepares for Five Day Work Week

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Tuesday final details on a uniform method of payment will be outlined by the city of Callaway.

Callaway bought out Utilities Inc. and took over the water system for some 223 homes in Sandy Creek. Now, the city is letting residents know the bills including capital extension fees and impact fees will show up on the yearly property tax notice. The city and the residents have been in disagreement over the billing for sometime.

Homeowners recently lost a lawsuit against Callaway and have decided not to appeal that ruling. Residents also made a last ditch appeal to the Bay County Commission, but have exhausted every possible source in search of relief.

Mayor Thomas Abbott says this bill will come in to residents at Sandy Creek every year for the next 12 years unless they decide to pay the balance up front.

"So once a year anybody that owns property will get a property tax notice and there is a variety of fees on there," said Abbott. "And those capital extension fees and impact fees will be listed on there for those folks out at Sandy Creek.

"They knew this going in. This is not new, but its just formalizing it and putting it on the bill."

The resolution will be read at Tuesday's meeting at 6 o'clock at the Callaway arts and recreation center.


This Friday City Hall will open for regular business hours from 7:30AM to 6:00PM. Citizens can now pay water bills or start new service five days a week. This came after homeowners brought up the subject at several commission meetings.

Several employees have volunteered to work the Friday shift. All employees will still work a 40 hour work week but provide a 50 hour service to Callaway citizens.

Callaway City Manager Marcus Collins says all employees have received training in all aspects of city hall business methods and the changes will be a big help to residents.

"It gives them an advantage if they want to pay their bills on Fridays," said Collins. "Or, if they have issues or they want to come up and get a permit for building something the city is open and available for them.

"In the past it hasn't been so you were limited to four days a week and trying to rush in and get your stuff done. But, this means you have five days to go ahead and get your stuff done."

Collins says the hours on the door will change tomorrow and I checked right before the newscast and the announcement has been posted to the city's web site.