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Public Speaking Class Practices in Front of the Camera

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Students are back to school today following a long Christmas Break. For some students at Mosley High School, their public speaking class got a little help from News 13 to practice their speeches.

For those who don't have experience in front of a camera, it can really help sharpen those public speaking skills.

Ms. Bullock's dual enrolled public speaking class is filled with mostly juniors and seniors who are preparing their persuasive speech topics. These are topics that range from lowering the drinking age to limitations on social media. 

Monday News 13 added an extra element to the class, a camera, putting the students on the spot to help give them that real world experience while discussing their topics.

"We've done lots of exercises of speaking to people face to face, " says Ms. Bullock. I have found that sometimes speaking to a camera can be just as intimidating, and I wanted to give them that real world experience."