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Early Voting Bill Proposed, SOE Reacts

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Bay County, Fla. -

Bay County Supervisor of Elections Mark Andersen has given it his all, spending long hours at work to ensure every ballot is casts. For over a decade Andersen has served with great pride and on Monday he was sworn in for another four years.

"The voters of bay county decided that I've been doing a good job and that they want to keep me around and I'm so blessed to be able to have this job and serve the voters of Bay County."  Andersen says he's constantly looking for ways to streamline the voting process; it's one of his a priorities during his next term. 

"We've gone through things that bay county has never had in history, we went through it and did a great job while doing it."

This past November, the office's strengths were put to the test. Unlike South Florida, where officials saw long lines and frustrated voters, Bay County was pretty quiet.

"The ballot was very long and I think the length of ballot is going to be one of the huge considerations as we go forward with the legislative issues." Andersen says.

One senator from Miami filed the first GOP bill that would expand early voting. The Republican Legislature shortened the number from 14 to 8 before this past election, but some have said in the wake of long lines, they may have gone too far.

"I would advocate for more early voting site choices. If we have better sites and get more sites we won't need the more days." Andersen says this approach allows the elections offices to work smarter, which therefore frees us more time for other important task.

"If we can get a uniform process to the extent that works for everybody in the state then that's what we should be pushing for." Andersen will head to the capital next week to testify before a Senate committee. He says it will be a great opportunity to meet with lawmakers and other elections supervisors to talk about proposed changes.