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Two Panhandle Counties Swear In Their New Top Cops

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With his right hand held high, Glenn Kimbrel officially took the role of Calhoun County Sheriff.

"I have a lot of work ahead of me and people are expecting a lot of things of me," says Kimbrel. "And I intend to deliver and do what they expect me to do."

Kimbrel started his career in law enforcement almost 40 years ago. Now as Sheriff, he will focus on community service and wants to start programs throughout the county to benefit the younger generation.

"We got to do some studies and see if there are some drug education programs out there that are working, [so] that we can go inside the school and teach." 

He also hopes to change the fact that drivers education courses are non-existent in the area.

"If we can save one life, than that's someone's child," says Kimbrel.

Meanwhile, down the road in Liberty county, Nick Finch is the county's new top cop.

Although he took his oath Tuesday, he started the job about a week ago.

"I was appointed early," says Finch. "The former sheriff left the 31st, so the governor appointed me early for 7 days."

Finch says it's been a very busy week so far but nothing he wasn't prepared for.

"We've been putting a lot of long days and hours but if I wasn't ready for it, I wouldn't have signed on the line and asked the people to elect me."

Since Finch started sitting at this desk about a week ago, he's already made some changes.

"The road when I came in was my main concern," explains Finch. "We immediately went to 12 hours shifts and increased the coverage on the road."

Finch has many goals he hopes to see through within the next few years, including building a new sheriffs office.  

"Rome wasn't built in day," says Finch. "So we're just gonna keep moving down the path I've set out for us and eventually get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow."