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Callaway Discusses Sandy Creek and City Manager Salary

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The Callaway commission meeting covered several things, but first on the chopping block was Sandy Creek utility billing.

The City's attorney Kevin Obos read a resolution the city adopted back in 2012 that places fees from the Utilities Inc. take over on the property tax bill of Sandy Creek residents. What would have been on their 2012 bill has now been pushed back to 2013.  Sandy creek residents will receive a direct bill from the city for 2012 and be getting their next bill attached to their 2013 property tax bill.

Coming in as a late addition to the agenda was the City Manager's salary. The city advertised the position as a $70,000 to $90,000 salary. While Marcus Collins took the job at the $70,000 dollar mark, Mayor Thomas Abbott says he has earned his way to the full $90,000.

One commissioner Wasn't necessarily against the move just against the late notice of the topic.

While the commission unanimously passed the billing resolution for Sandy Creek the City Manager's salary was tabled until the next regularly scheduled commission meeting so the topic could be advertised. That meeting is scheduled for January 22nd.