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FSU-PC Hires New Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

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The signs are everywhere on campus, welcoming back students after a long winter break. Starting in the fall, however, Florida State University Panama City will be welcoming an entirely new group of students.

"Part of what we're doing now is expanding the campus to become a four year university," says Dr. Ken Shaw, Dean of FSU Panama City. "That's very, very different for us because we will be recruiting freshman and sophomores now to get a four year FSU experience."

The university is preparing to accommodate nearly 200 freshman and sophomores next fall. To help do this, will be the newly hired Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Barbara Robinson.

"This was a great opportunity to work with a start up, to become part of a team that's going to bring the freshman and sophomores FSU Panama City," says Dr. Robinson.

Robinson will oversee all undergraduate studies and work closely with admissions and advising. With more than 28 years experience as FSU Tallahassee and binging a Seminole herself, Robinson is prepared to help expand the program starting with recruiting at the high school level.  

"It's been an upper division college, so it's been transfer students primarily coming from a lot of places in the surrounding area. Now, we'll be using high school students to be coming in," says Robinson.

The incoming group will also have their own building. The current Office Building will be transformed for the freshman and sophomore students. 

FSU Panama City is currently accepting freshman applications for fall of 2013.