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City of Marianna To Clear 13 Rundown Properties

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It's something the Marianna City Commission does every year. In an effort to rid neighborhoods of properties that have become eyes sores, the city hires a company to clear them.

Within the next month, 13 properties are set to be cleared, which is a small number when you compare it to the original list that had over 40 different properties violating the nuisance ordinance.

Marianna City Manager Jim Dean says these 13 properties are not only eye sores, they attract cats, rats and even snakes. In turn, the property then has a negative effect on property value in the neighborhood. He says the city receives numerous calls about these rundown properties and that's how most are brought to the city's attention.

It's a project estimated to cost the city between 50,000 and 55,0000 dollars which Dean says is much more than expected since they had budgeted only about half of that.

However, the city plans to make up for the shortfall through contingency money. They're also planning to collect money from the property owners themselves.

"The city will go in and file a lean against that property to try and recapture tax payers dollars from taking those properties down," says Dean.