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Callaway Open for Business; Friday Begins New Five Day Work Week

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For city clerk Jennifer Vigil the day feels pretty normal.

"Normal traffic coming to work," said Vigil. "Everybody is out and about. So it's normal. It feels normal again."

 But being open on Friday isn't normal for Callaway. The city has worked on a four day work week for more than three years.

"We were able to keep the extended hours for the people that wanted to come in before work and after work," said Vigil. "And [do it] also on Friday. I think it's an overwhelming benefit to the community."

So the new signage on the door and the ringing phones make it official for the city and citizens are happy about it.

"A couple people said something during the week when we got the letters changed on the door," said Vigil. "So, it was a positive reception from the community."

Employees have cross trained to learn their new jobs, which will still allow them to work a forty hour workweek while providing a fifty hour service to Callaway residents.

"We have staggered shifts," said Vigil. "So, some folks work Monday through Thursday others work Tuesday through Friday. But, we are here and we have the coverage to be open."

More than a dozen people came in to use the services Friday. Vigil says there are just the prepping stages of what will become a much busier place.

"This isn't normally a heavy flow time of the month for us," said Vigil. "Bills are cyclic. We are not really that close to a due date."

Callaway City Hall will be open for normal business hours from 7:30 in the morning to 6 o'clock in the evening, but now will offer those hours Monday through Friday.