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Spring in January, Panhandle Enjoys Unseasonably High Temperatures

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"I love it," said surfer Justin Buxton. "I've got sunscreen on and it's January."

Welcome to winter in the Florida panhandle where the weekend highs are in the low 70's and it feels as good as a summers breeze.

"Is it winter?" said Bay County resident Bobby Jones. "I couldn't tell! I thought it was spring!"

Most in Bay county are taking advantage of the unseasonably high temperatures: like Jones who chose a bicycle as his mode of transportation Saturday.

"It's 68 degrees and a little breezy, but [on] the bicycle it's just great."

Jones took to the ride while Tom King used his kayak for an eleven mile cruise on the water.

"The last two miles were the toughest by a long shot," said King. "But, it's very enjoyable. Great time of the year to do it."

Most live in Florida for this very reason and when even mentioning snow and freezing temperatures in other parts of the country?

"I don't want any part of it," said Buxton. "I live in Florida for a reason. To stay out of the cold is one of them."

"Yea," said Laura Black. "I feel sorry for them. I'll take my sunshine any day. Thanks."

Weather temperatures in the Northern United States are hitting single digit numbers and that doesn't say anything for the wind chill, which hits 30 below in some areas.

Laura Black and Justin Buxton are both enjoying their day on Panama City Beach thanks to a high pressure system moving through the Southeast.

"I love it," said Black. "It's beautiful and it's January and I get to be out on the beach with Sampson."

Sampson is Black's cat, who she took out of the house for a little stroll on Panama City Beach.

"I'm loving any minute of it," said Buxton. "I'm going to go catch a wave."

So enjoy it, however the weather or the tides may guide you.

Because Spring in January won't last forever. There's a change just around the corner.