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Day One; "East Side Story" Begins Filming on PCB

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Give them lights, camera, action, and a script written by mother nature and you get a lot of improvisation.

It is day one of a 13 week production schedule for the movie "East Side Story."

The romeo-and-Juliet inspired film, directed by David Winters, features more than just good actors.

"This movie is all about dance and its all about love and how it can be achieved together," said Bay County Film Commissioner Julie Gordon.

After a minor set back due to weather the camera truck keeps the shots steady, but what about the extras?

"They've been out here covering up in towels and beach blankets and they'll whip them off so we can shoot the scene," said Gordon. "And then we'll go back to it. So they've been great."

Paul Wills is one of those extras and he's making it a family affair.

"It's been considerably cooler with a healthy breeze so it's a challenge at this point," said Wills.

In Sunday's pool scene... Wills job is easy. 

"Just what you would do at a pool," said Wills. "And be an exciting part of the scene. It's fantastic."

Wills says the experience and people make it worth while.

"David winters is a fantastic guy," said Wills. "He's very open and easy to talk to and you can just go up and talk to him anytime.

"It has been an exceptional experience to be able to talk to somebody of that kind of caliber."

Not for him, and not necessarily for his career, Wills wants this movie venture to inspire other filmmakers to call his little beach town "home".

"More than just for me," said Wills. "For all of Panama City to be able to bring more movies in here and be an experienced part of I think is the big picture I'm looking for."