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District Discusses Options for Over-Crowded Beach Schools

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School zoning is at the center of discussion right now, as the District faces changing student populations. On the beach, the schools are at full capacity, forcing the School Board to start looking at solutions.

The elementary schools on the beach are above 90 percent capacity, with Breakfast Point at 111 percent capacity. Surfside Middle is at 95 percent capacity. With preparations for a new 8th grade, the District expects Breakfast Point Middle to reach capacity as well.

"The district sets kind of a cap in regards to how many students we think an individual school can handle," says School Board Member Steve Moss. "Then we have a 90 percent rule also, so once they hit that 90 percent number, that's when we really start looking, 'ok what's plan be in the future in regards to alleviating some of that'," says Moss. 

There are two main options to manage these overpopulated schools. The first is to add modulars at Breakfast Point to make room for the new 8th grade. The other, re-open West Bay Elementary, which shut down back in July, 2009 to save the district money.

Moss says the options come down to what the District can afford, and building a new school is too expensive.

The district will hold a public workshop to discuss the beach zoning as well as the possible Dean Bozeman Elementary closure on January 22nd from 10:30 a-m until noon.