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Zoo World Welcomes Second Baby Giraffe

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It's puppy love...or giraffe love depending on how you look at it, and Tom Walling says feels like a watchful dad.

"They've actually been kissing and smooching it up," said Walling. "So, they're actually getting a long really ,really well."

You could say Elliot and his new girl giraffe are in the dating stages. The two were introduced over the weekend after her arrival on Thursday. 'Dad' is keeping a close eye.

"We will supervise them for the next couple days just to make sure," said Walling. "And then pretty soon shell be out here with him all day long."

"I love it," said Madison Tony. "They are so cute. I've already asked my mom about ten times for a baby giraffe."

Toney and her mother hold season passes to the zoo and Elliot is always her favorite stop.

"I just got out of school and we saw everyone here and we wanted to come by and see the baby girl," said Toney.

Giraffe's are known to have heavy hearts weighing over 20 pounds and have the highest blood pressure of all land mammals. No doubt Elliot's heart skipped a beat at the sight of his new gal.

"You know getting these two youngsters in here is really great," said Walling. "We are really thankful; thankful to the public because they are here because of public donations.

"All the money that has come from them hasn't come from our operating capital, but from the public."

But before hearing wedding bells Dad says they're just enjoying 'girrafing' each other crazy.

"This is very cool and we are very ,very excited that we got Elliot here and now that we've got the little girl with him," said Walling. "It's just the culmination of a dream."