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Bus Drivers Wanted In Jackson County

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The big yellow fleet in Jackson county transports over 4,000 on 81 different bus routes daily.

And just like teachers need substitutes for their classroom, the transportation needs bus drivers on stand by too.  

"We need people that we can call on the spur of the moment," says Phyllis Daniels, the transportation administrator.

Daniels says they are currently seeking 3 bus drivers.

Positions that would be for bus drivers that don't have a set route and act like a substitute. However the positions are full-time and individuals have the potential to move up and get their own route.

"They never know what route they're gonna drive, they call in that morning or our dispatcher calls them on what route they need to drive," says Daniels.

Daniels says they strive to keep 6 substitute bus drivers at all times to help replace "routed" drivers when they have to take time off.

Holding training classes like the one on Thursday, they hope to recruit these bus drivers and give them the proper training.

However it can still be a struggle with a high turnover rate.

"We have bus drivers who find different jobs we had them move out not only our county but the state and we have to fill those positions as they come available," says Daniels.

She says it also takes a special personality to do the job and  some realize that too late.

Jackson county resident John Melchioree is a bus driver-in-training.

"It took me a good part of the summer to think this thing through," says Melchioree. He's also a retired law enforcement officer who did work with inner city children and is looking for a way to spend his free time. He thinks becoming a bus driver would be a good fit.

"Now that I'm here among all these busses, I'm getting antsy again. I wanna climb on  up and I wanna drive, but that will come," says Melchioree.

Meanwhile, Daniels says for those who may be interested in applying and going through the training there is another one set for next month.