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Florida Forest Service Conducting Prescribed Burns

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You may have noticed some smoke in your area today and that's because the Florida Forest Service is burning hundreds of acres of forest land.

At Pine Log State Forest, officials try to burn a third of the forest every year.

"There's good fire and bad fire and your bad fires is your wildfire, but that's not what why we're out here today," says Wildfire Mitigation Specialist for the Florida Forest Service, Brian Goddin.

Friday's fire is a good fire, one which comes with a plan.

"Days like today when the weather is in our favor and the conditions are how we need them to be, we wait for these days, "says Goddin. "We apply fire, so it mimics what would occur naturally."

Goddin says Florida's history shows every 3 to 5 years fire would occur naturally by say a lightning strike and replenish itself. However, with people, homes and structures nearby, the Florida Forest Service steps in to help that natural process along.

He says it restores and renews ecosystems' habitat for animals and plants and also reduces the vegetation which could become fuel for a wild fire.

Forestry officials are burning 270 acres of land Friday at Pine Log State Forest, and plan to burn at least 2 thousand more acres.

The agency had another fire crew at Point Washington State Forest in southern Walton county. where fire crews there burned over 400 acres.