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Bay Democrats Hold Inauguration Celebration; Reflect on Goals

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It's the final days before Americans, once again, turn their eyes toward the Nation's capitol and President Obama's inauguration.

The swearing-in will bring with it much celebration and much scrutiny.

Rest assured, this second-time around-will be a time to reflect on the ups and downs of the last four years; and, in a time where the political scene is divisive as ever, area Democrats are hope to send a message.

As Washington preps for a more "intimate" crowd of 8 hundred thousand this inauguration (versus the 1.8 million four years ago); here in Bay County, a slightly smaller crowd gathered in celebration.

"It feels enormously heartwarming. A lot of us in both political parties worked very hard for our candidates," said Walton Democrats Chairman, Frank Day.

They are the few…the proud…the Bay County Democrats, and the Inauguration Ball was just as much about them as it was the President.

"We knocked on doors, we got people registered here in Bay County, we worked really hard and tonight is our time to be excited about our President," said Bay County Democrat Executive Committee Corresponding Secretary, Don Jones.

In this election year, we saw a Nation divided evenly on the big issues, creating a Democratic challenge for the heavily Republican area.

"I really think that quietly the Democratic Party has been embarrassed about some of their roots and little by little they're becoming proud again," said DEC Member, Francois Mobley.

As music played and the disco ball reflected on the ceiling, many thoughts reflected on the next four years to come.

"We've got to focus on rebuilding America and give up the partisanship and who wins this argument or that argument and focus on the American people," said Day.

Straight in front of us is a patched "fiscal cliff" deal that requires more work from politicians, a battle over gun rights and gun control, and the ever present state of the economy.

Day offered a partisan request to Washington.

"Check your egos at the door. Come on in and let's get to work," he said.

The President's official inauguration will be held Sunday, but the larger, publicized event will start this Monday at 10:30am (ct).