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Jackson County Cave Diver Honored For Lifesaving Efforts

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A cave diving rescue is rare...so rare that there have been only eight in the entire world. And amazingly...one Jackson county cave diver has rescued four area divers in just this year alone.

Saturday night, cave diver Edd Sorenson was honored for his life saving efforts.

It took months of planning and one big secret though to do it.

"I had no idea what so ever," says Sorenson.

Chairman of the Aquatic Science Association Steve Cushman says it was necessary to keep the awards ceremony a surprise.

"If we didn't keep it a surprise, being in contact with several people here in the community, I may have to come over and rob some parts of his airplane and his truck to keep him from running away,"says Cushman.

Many describe Sorenson as modest and humble.

When the Aquatic Science Association honored him for his life saving efforts, Sorenson said he was just helping out.

"I've never really thought of myself as a hero," says Sorenson. "If somebody needs help, I'm there to help and it's nice that somebody else thought of it that way and I'm very proud that this many people thought of this to do for me."

The Aquatic Science Association presented Sorenson with an award created in his name.

"It's an award that the Aquatic Science Association gives out every year to that person who gives back to the community, who gives to cave diving, to conservation in general, and the bar is set very very high this year," says Cushman.

With only 8 cave rescues ever worldwide, Edd Sorenson is responsible for 3 of them. He saved four divers this past year alone in Jackson county.

Sheriff Lou Roberts also presented Sorenson with a plaque for his efforts. More than 200 people came out tonight, including his family from Oregon, to not only surprise Sorenson but honor his efforts.