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Bay County Cyclists React to Armstrong's Admission

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Cyclists in the Bay County area say Lance Armstrong's confession comes as a shocking admission for a sport steadily building advocacy in various communities.

Marshal Mcclanahan is the owner of Freedom Sports in Panama City Beach.

He is a part of the growing cycling community, which owes its rising popularity to the triathlons and Ironman races in the Gulf Coast area.

As a dedicated cyclist, Mcclanahan looks at Armstrong's fall from grace much like that of Tiger Woods. Tiger changed the sport of golf and Lance changed the sport of cycling. Now, the sport must recover.

Mcclanahan says Armstrong's confession should not cast a shadow over pro-athletes making an honest living without performance enhancing drugs.

"He's hurting the sport of cycling," said Mcclanahan. "And it shouldn't have been that way. It's a great sport. There are a lot of incredible athletes that aren't using performance enhancing drugs that deserve accolades for the amount of hard work they put into it.

"So, I kind of want this whole thing to go away so the people who deserve the respect... get it."

While Armstrong still denies doing any kind of performance enhancing drugs after 2005 it is still unclear if the lifetime ban from cycling will be lifted after his public confessions.