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A Journey of a Lifetime: Biking 6,000 miles for Charity

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Panama City Beach, Fla. -

People will go to great lengths to support their charities; some chose to pull all nighters, while others take cross-country journeys.

Monday marks day 99 for Chris Nicholas; he's attempting to become the first person in history to cross the United States twice and within 12 consecutive months, all in the name for charity.

Nicholas traveled from Tallahassee to Panama City by bike, counting every mile and minute; his journey began on October 14th in Portland, Maine, but as a runner.

Last year he ran from the White House to Santa Monica, California in 88 days, becoming the 30th person to ever run solo across the United States.

But this time around, Nicholas would find out his plans would change.

"I started off running in Portland, Maine and I got 1000 miles into it and I had a left knee that started to catch up with me.  Some pains there so I contemplated giving up and just going back home and recover." Nicholas says.

But he didn't give up; after recovering for a few days, he jumped on a bike to finish his goal. Nicholas says he longs to reach his $25,000 dollar goal for the Wounded Warrior Project, St. Jude Children's Hospital and Make A Wish Foundation.

"When it gets really tough, you reach out to people that you meet along the way on facebook and twitter and that motivation will get you through the next mile."

If you're wondering how Nicholas is able to afford biking across the country for seven months, he takes his work on the road, keeping up with his job in Public Relations.  Nicholas also married the love of his life about 21 days ago in Key West, who he is looking forward to seeing in another 4 months.

To contribute to Nicholas' cause, click here.