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Possible Changes to Callaway Parks to be Discussed

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Nichole Linvill and her three boys enjoy the laid back atmosphere of Veterans Park in Callaway.

"It's refreshing and makes me feel better about bringing the kids out," said Linvill.

However, the boys can't bring some of their favorite toys to the park. They wanted to bring their scooters, but their mom knows they aren't allowed in the park. But, that could change in the future.

Callaway's Sports and Recreation Committee members are proposing some changes to City Ordinance 473 relating to Veteran's Park.

If the commission proceeds with the changes, the park would close one hour earlier making the new hours dawn to 9:00 P.M. Things like bicycles and skateboards would be allowed as long as they aren't "destructive, hazardous, or a nuisance." Pets would also be allowed as long as they're on a leash and owners pick up after them.

Mayor Thomas Abbott is encouraged by the group's efforts. He said, "What we did as teenagers and what we had available to us is different than the teenagers have available to them today, so do you need to look at your guidelines and update them as society changes? Absolutely."

Linvill believes the changes would be positive for the park, but hopes the city can really enforce them.

"The kids are fine to run around and play, but if there's going to be dog droppings everywhere, that's not going to work for us as a family," said Linvill.

That's the biggest question. Will these potential changes work for the people in Callaway?

Mayor Abbot added, "I think really it's going to come down to that. Do we feel we can do this and make changes and things still be as safe as we can make them?"

The Callaway Commission is also trying to change a four decade old rule. A second proposal would allow alcohol at the Callaway Recreational Complex's Arts and Conference Center with restrictions and at the Recreational Complex with a permit. According to Tuesday night's meeting agenda, members all agree the change could increase rentals and usage fees.

The Sports and Recreation Committee Chairman will present these proposals Tuesday night at the commission meeting.