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Franklin Co. Teachers Face Possible Pay Cuts

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Franklin County teachers are facing a possible pay decrease after the school board declared Financial Urgency. Teachers and school staff attended Thursday's School Board meeting to speak out on the issue.

It was standing room only as teachers, students, parents and many others addressed the Franklin County School Board about a significant revenue shortfall.

The employees that are in the room right now, did not create the problem. And they should not be forced to fix it," said Catherine Wood in front of the board room. 

According to Superintendent Nina Marks, in July the Property Appraiser's Office assessed the district at 6 percent less than what they had expected. Then in October, a 7.3 percent reduction because of property values.

On top of that, they had a decline in student enrollment that cost them, leaving the District nearly 600 thousand dollars in the red.

For teachers like Cathy Wood, who's been teaching for 22 years, that's ten thousand dollars out of her pay check.

"It's scary. When we were told that two weeks ago, I gasped out loud and the whole Board Room looked at me," says Wood.

Once Financial Urgency had been declared on January 11th, there is 14 days for negotiations with the teacher's union.

"We want them to find the solution that is not on our backs. Refinance a loan. Borrow some new money," says Wood.

Negotiations will end on Tuesday.

The District CFO predicts they can make pay roll right now through the first of May.