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Safety Task Force Put in Place at Bay District Schools

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Coincidently, following the incident at Parker Elementary, this afternoon the school board and local law enforcement agencies put together a task force for this very reason. To help prevent an event like the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy from occurring.

"We are going to try to think outside the box here," said Chief of Security for Bay District Schools Mike Jones. "We are going to try to come up with some ideas to prevent those things from happening. Maybe, more training for our children about [how those] things are wrong and [about how] those things are illegal."

"I'm a grandfather," said Phillip Griffitths. "That's my title and that's the reason why I'm here. I want something done. I want some protection, whatever it has to be. My hope and prayer is that we don't come up with a band aid. I want to come up with a fix for this. We will never stop it completely, but if we save one life then I think it's well worth it."  

Several law enforcement agencies were present at this afternoon's meeting as well as area fire departments and representatives from Tyndall Air Force base.