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Panama City Woman's Club Celebrates Centennial

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To the Woman's Club of Panama City, 100 years is a century of accomplishments. Sunday, they gathered to remember the times of their founders.

"Ladies couldn't even walk the sidewalks without soiling their petty coats," said the club's historian Helen Schrenker. "What else was there to do, but for the ladies to organize."

And so they did. Thirteen women organized the club in 1913 and it blossomed from there.

"Looking back 100 years ago to ladies who started our club its almost as if they are archaic," said Shrenker. "I look for those things which affected the community which showed an improvement or affected the community and of course there were plenty of them."

One of the women instrumental in those improvements was Mrs. Eleanor Lewis.

:My mother was very involved in the Woman's Club," said Nancy Moore, Lewis' daughter.  

Lewis served two terms as president of the Woman's Club. Her daughter is a 25 year member.

"Well, it's amazing when you think 100 years and it sounds like an awfully long time, but it isn't really when you think, 'well my goodness she was a member in the 40's'," said Moore.

For these women the club means a life time of achieving something bigger than themselves.

"It's as if this building is a bastion of good will," said Schrenker.  

The roots of which grow deep in Bay County and if you dig deep enough...

"You will likely find footprints of the ladies of this Woman's club," said Schrenker.