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Bay High's Genevieve Smith- Scholar Athlete of the Week

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The Bay High girl's soccer team was eliminated in the Class 2A Regional Semi-Finals this year, finishing 17-4-1 on the year. Keeper Genevieve Smith was an essential part to the Lady Tornadoes success this season- a season that almost didn't happen.

Genevieve thought soccer was a thing of the past after she transferred from Rutherford after her sophomore year. But thanks to the convincing of some friends, Genevieve suited up for her Senior year- and is pretty glad she did.

"They didn't have a goalie this year, so I said I'd give it a shot," she said. "I was really surprised that I did actually. I'm really glad I did, because this season's the best season I've ever had."

Bay High is pretty glad she did as well- as Genevieve's gave up just 18 goals all season, and recorded over 140 saves.

"That's one of those positions that you either have a lot of faith in or you don't," says Head Coach Bill Carter. "You can actually watch the players play differently if they don't have faith in their keeper."

"It's always kind of clicked with me," says Genevieve. "Just being back there and defending, that's always where I've fit in. It's my thing, it's my groove."

Genevieve's also found a groove in the classroom, where she balances a 3.5 GPA in Bay High's AICE program, all while balancing volleyball in the fall- and soccer come winter.

"It's kind of the norm for me actually," she says. "I think that playing sports has forced me to keep on top of me. I think that helps people keep up their grades."

"They'll stop and ask her questions about their school work," says Coach Carter. "They'll stop and ask her different things, and you hear them. She's so low key that she doesn't make a big deal out of it. The way she does that, she tells them what she needs to know and gets them on their way. It's great to have a player that can do that."

A player that for this Bay High squad, almost wasn't meant to be. Genevieve says she hasn't made a decision as to whether she wants to play in college of not- but one thing is for certain, she wants to study graphic design.